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Phone Cards

Phone cards are similar to debit cards only that they are used on pay phones. It is quite easy to use phone cards and all that is required is typing the number located at the back of the card then proceed to make the call. Before the call is placed, the operator informs the user about the card’s call balance and then proceeds with the call. With development, phone cards have adapted and can be used to load credit onto cell phones. Most people use phone cards to reduce their calling expenses and save more.

Phone cards are essentially prepaid and are telephone minutes that have been purchased in advance. Most of them are usually in increments of twenty five, ten or five dollars. Phone cards are widely available and can be purchased from post offices, electronic stores, discount marts and supermarkets. phone cards can also be purchased through the internet or via catalogs of mail order, television commercials and local newspapers. It is important to be careful because the simple fact that phone cards are prepaid does not guarantee that they are the best bargain. Buying a five dollar phone card does not necessarily mean that the worth in minutes is equivalent to five dollars. This is usually caused by maintenance fees and card surcharges.

Immediately after the activation of phone cards, they are subjected to connection charges, taxes and service fees. In the case of using a pay phone, there is an additional surcharge. It is always advisable to double-check the phone card packaging and note any surcharges and fees. Double checking on the expiration date is also important because if the phone cards are not used before the expiry date, the users are bound to lose their money. Phone cards are especially convenient for people who travel a lot or college students. Phone cards have ensured that collect cards are no longer used. Calls made using phone cards do not appear on the phone bill, hence allowing users to make discreet calls without the risk of the numbers being shown on the phone bill. They also enable users to avoid being charged exorbitant charges when they make calls from hotel rooms.

Prepaid phone cards may be used to refer to the purchase of minutes to be loaded onto the cell phone or more commonly, the purchase of phone cards that may be used to make calls on a long distance range without being required to sign for the them with the service telephone company. Rather than the worry of an expiry date, it is not advisable to purchase phone cards in huge amounts that are not needed because some of them contain inactivity fees. Inactivity fees cause a decrease on the card time when not in use. Most phone cards require activation after purchase by calling a number at the card’s back and entering a PIN which is scratched off after purchasing the phone cards. phone cards with visible PINs should never be purchased and it is important to read the fine print before making the purchase because some phone cards contain hidden fees.

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