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The Banking Crisis


Offshore Cash Cards

Offshore cash cards present a unique and financial tool, created, worked out and specially tailored to keep the privacy of financial transactions. With an offshore ATM card, users have a very effective solution for offshore withdrawal of cash. Users can make applications for offshore cash cards easily. offshore cash cards do not normally hold the name, ID and other personal details of the holder hence it is not easy to tell who the owner is. For cash withdrawals, users only require the PIN that is entered on the machine. Offshore cash cards make use of powerful and advanced technologies available for protection of the card holder’s financial privacy. Offshore cash cards function in a similar manner like a secured credit card but the main difference is that one can only spend what has been funded on the card.

The advantage of offshore cash cards is that they offer similar benefits, worldwide acceptance and privileges as other international credit cards. Anonymous offshore cash cards are an excellent choice for enhancing the personal privacy of the holder. Personal accounts are increasingly becoming subjected to routine privacy invasions. As more people are nowadays earning money out of the normal system, the ways of safely keeping money are becoming fewer. To answer this increasing problem, offshore cash cards come in handy to enhance personal privacy. Completely anonymous offshore cash cards gives the owner unrestricted control and freedom on hard earned cash. In today’s ever growing world, anonymous offshore cash cards and offshore accounts are not just for those who are financially elite. They present tools that anybody can gain from so as to secure individual financial privacy and even reduce the general tax load.

Offshore cash cards are also financial instruments that draw only from funds that are deposited in offshore bank accounts. This card does not call for background information or credit checks and therefore anyone can apply for it. The offshore cash cards can be used at about any Automatic Teller Machine worldwide. The card also has another advantage of allowing the holder to withdraw money in local currency from whichever ATM anywhere. Offshore cash cards offer total flexibility and total privacy. With this card, the holder can access huge sums of money safely and even carry the cash untraceably and legally across borders. The offshore cash cards can be given to any person chosen whether family or friends and it offers users the chance of accessing the card balances and information via the internet. There is no given limit on the number of offshore cash cards an individual can hold.

Offshore cash cards allow USD, EURO, E-Gold and Western Union loading. No name is printed on the face of offshore cash cards; they only have a card number. The card’s magnetic strip does not have any personal information stored in it and it only comes in handy when withdrawing cash from ATMs. One deposits money using a bank transfer then withdraws it in the form of cash using a PIN number of 4 digits. The account is normally completely anonymous with the bearer being the legal owner. Offshore cash cards offer high daily access limit to cash, no security requirements when depositing money, secure international banks, low loading fee and zero annual fee. Offshore cash cards are issuable to persons from any nationality. With easy access of accounts via facsimile or secured internet connections, offshore cash cards have plenty of beneficial features to offer the holder.

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