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Offshore Banking Fees


What We Do

 Give independent advice to help you to choose the right bank.
onsult with you regarding due diligence requirements.
 Prepare the required bank forms.
 Provide properly legalized corporate documentation where applicable.
 Arrange local qualified introducer when required by the bank.
 Recommend you to the bank based on your individual profile and due diligence documentation.
 Represent you before the bank in the course of the account opening.

After providing you with the above services, you deal with the bank and manage your account YOURSELF entirely at your own risk and at your sole discretion. As a matter of principle we do NOT provide any accounts management or financial transactions services whatsoever.

Our Account Set Up Fees:

 Bahamanian Bank:             USD $890

 Latvian Bank:                   USD $1,090

 Swiss Bank Account:         USD $890

 Cyprus Bank Account:        USD $1,090

 Danish Bank Account:        USD $1,090

 T & K Brokerage Account:   USD $1,090

 BVI Bank Account:             USD $1,090

 Belizean Bank Account:       USD $1,090

 Seychellois Bank Account:   USD $1,090


    We accept :  
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Applicable law requires that all financial institutions obtain, verify & record information that identifies each person who opens an account. You will be asked to provide your name, address date of birth and other information that will allow us to identify you. You may be asked to provide documentation as proof of identity. Approval is contingent upon passing this mandatory identity confirmation.

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