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Financial Rewards

Take A Step To Receive A  Life-Time of Opportunity

GMTCARD™ corporate objective is to establish long-term business relationship with individuals and corporations worldwide and together we can achieve our financial goals. There are five main groups and ways to join our company to reach, achieve and receive the financial compensation and income that you deserve—Members, Agents, Authorized Distributors, Agent Resellers and Co-branders. The commission and wages are attractive, yet there is minimum or no cost to you.

The Members  
Members are small, medium sized, or large corporations that purchase memberships from GMTCARD™ and in turn we promote their prepaid products online. This includes prepaid wireless cards, prepaid MasterCards, Prepaid Visa Cards, Prepaid International Calling Cards and any other related products. With an assigned secure interface, members can login to view cards ordered as well as view and monitor transactions 24/7.

We focus mainly on marketing and taking orders on behalf of all our members. We save you the cost of hiring additional staff and designing and monitoring your own website. We take the orders, collect and transfer all payments to your designated bank accounts anywhere around the world. We also give you the opportunity to participate in our referral residual income program in which you can generate substantial revenue for your organization. All companies worldwide are welcome to apply.

The Agent
Agents are individuals and corporations that work independently to promote and establish contacts with companies for the benefits of earning additional income. Unique agent numbers are assigned and frequently issued to Distributors to periodically order cards through our secure online interface. With your assigned agent numbers, distributors can continuously order cards whenever necessary. Each set of orders earns you commission upon receipt of payment. Since the entire globe is our market there is no limit to the income potential of an Agent. It can be a rewarding and attractive career for you.
As an Agent, you are free to work from home and travel anywhere around the world. Your goal would be to attract potential companies to become our distributors, by simply giving them your assigned agent number to place their orders. Distributors are presented with the opportunity to generate additional revenue. Work while on vacation! There is nothing to lose and much to gain! No payment of fees! No restrictions! No card purchase required! We provide you with the flexibility and freedom that you need to enjoy your life while generating substantial income! You earn thousands of dollars in cash bonus for excellent performance. No matter your profession, background, ethnicity or country of residence, we offer everyone equal financial opportunity.
The Authorized Distributor

Authorized Distributors are grouped into two—(a) Individuals and corporations interested in marketing GMTCARD™ brand for the purpose of receiving residual income on transaction fees and profits derived from card sales. They are called Agent Resellers. (b) In addition to receiving residual income on transaction fees and profits derived from card sales, there are provisions for businesses who want to attract customers to their business by offering loyalty rewards and incentives for the purpose of increasing and encouraging repeated patronage to generate and increase revenue. They are called Authorized Distributors.
The financial rewards and opportunity for each category depends on the amount of cards distributed and your area of interest. Authorized Distributors have the option to provide loading facility from their location and earn extra commission. They become loading centers for all cardholders that present GMTCARD™. The name of the  Distributor and contact information are listed on our website to gain free advertising. The annual revenue is estimated to be anywhere from $50,000 US dollars to millions of dollars based on the marketing and distribution program we have in place. Your method of distribution is completely up to you as long as it meets our policies and guidelines. However, we find that businesses within the Food & Hospitality, Manufacturing, Travel and Insurance industries as well as Retail, Money Service, Corporate and Offshore Services are more suitable to join our team.  All categories of Distributors receive cash rewards of thousands of dollars for distributing specific amounts of cards within one calendar year.

The Co-branders
Co-branders or Private Label have complete independence to market and promote their own brand of cards. The financial rewards for this program is excellent and allows the creation of your own transaction fees and card loading.  Wages, commissions and loading are done through an assigned Bank Identification Number (BIN). Transactions are monitored through your own Interface where all credits and debits are made.  By establishing your own marketing program, you could generate substantial revenue for your organization. However, in this program, a reasonable investment is required.

Additional Financial Rewards to Authorized Distributors and Agent Resellers
For every specific amount of cards sold and activated, GMTCARD™ awards you $50,000 US dollars cash bonus paid in installments of $10,000 USD per month. With your already existing customers, Authorized Distributors can offer our cards as an incentive to earn cash points while spending. You receive continual customers’ patronage at no additional marketing expense.  We give cardholders full access to their money anytime and anyday. There is Money Within Your Reach™ while traveling, shopping, investing, touring and spending.
Additional Financial Rewards to Agents
There are different levels, positions, duties and responsibilities assigned to Agents. Apart from the commissions, each level can receive cash bonuses anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000 US dollars for an excellent performance in the acquirement or referral of Distributors. Executive Agents earn extra income for recruiting other agents who they must supervise and continuously work with to achieve organization goals and objectives. If you have made a commitment to change your financial position and are interested in any of the above categories, please proceed to complete our online application form. Upon receipt a representative will contact you shortly.

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