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About Us

Corporate History

GMTCARD™ was founded on October 2005 with the foundational purpose of marketing prepaid ATM bank cards around the world. An examination of the stored value card industry shows that there is over one (1) billion people globally who do not have a bank account and due to poor credit history have no credit card. The desire to fulfill a need within the unbanked and under banked as well as eliminating the use of paper money to save time and cost and establishment of new ways to carry cash make up the entire objectives of GMTCARD™. Today, we have established administrative offices in cities around the world to successfully implement our card distribution program for widespread international use.

Who we are

We are an organization that cares about people and their business. We are committed to offering our cardholders an all-in-one card through our issuing banks and processors to meet cardholders banking needs as well as creating a platform for businesses who become our agents and distributors to attain financial freedom within specific time frames. Partnership with reliable and secure corporations and financial institutions allows us to stand strong within the stored value card industry which is expected to grow $75 billion US dollars within the next 5 years. 

What we do

We bring Money Within Your Reach™ in a more convenient, reliable, secure and flexible way. Through our issuing banks and processors, we have made banking easier, better, cheaper and faster for you. Your financial and banking needs are our needs.

Our Goals & Vision

To methodically become a leader within the stored value card industry whereby GMTCARD™ is an acceptable and recognized brand amongst individuals, established businesses, financial institutions and retail stores worldwide.
Mission Statement

Our Mission

To create a friendly work environment and ethics where services and prepaid products are promoted and delivered promptly along with shared benefits to all our cardholders, distributors and agents guided by the firm principles of hard-work, integrity, honesty, consistency and perseverance.

Our Products

To establish an innovative method in which our prepaid cards are distributed effortlessly using up-to-date technology as well as attractive rewards and benefits that caters exclusively towards the needs of our cardholders and affiliates while generating revenue that surpasses others.

Our Services

To provide excellent customer card service that is unmatched with any other company worldwide by adhering strictly to our values and principles of consistency, integrity and honesty and continuously performing duties and responsibilities in organized fashion while endeavoring to ensure cardholders satisfaction, yet following policies, rules and regulations imposed by our processors, issuing financial institutions and applicable authorities.
Management & Administrative Offices

The entire GMTCARD™ staff, agents and distributors comprises of people from all cultures, race and background who are experts in marketing, sales, IT supports, finance and business administration. Our corporate team is made up of lawyers, accountants, business executives and IT engineers positioned in various jurisdictions. We will be interested in speaking with you about our products and services or if you would like to become a member of our winning team

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Applicable law requires that all financial institutions obtain, verify & record information that identifies each person who opens an account. You will be asked to provide your name, address date of birth and other information that will allow us to identify you. You may be asked to provide documentation as proof of identity. Approval is contingent upon passing this mandatory identity confirmation.

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