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The Banking Crisis


Bank Cards

Today, quite a number of banks functions are carried out using bank cards. Generally, bank cards refer to plastic cards that banks issue to people to help them get funds from the banks. Among the most common bank cards is the ATM card. ATM stands for Automated Teller Machine and is a card made using plastic and linked to a single or many accounts. Primarily, the card is used for ATMs but one can use it at branches and merchants as well. Another of the bank cards is the debit card. The debit card is a card also made using plastic and is linked to a certain bank account. The credit card is also counted among the bank cards. The card is made of plastic and is attached to a credit line which is revolves.

The usefulness of bank cards cannot be overlooked as one can carry their money safely without fear of it being stolen. One does not have to carry much money as well when dealing bankcards. Using bank cards one can buy the goods and services they need on credit and pay for them later. Banks usually have specific hours of business and if one comes later or earlier than these specified hours they do not get the services they want. These specific hours of business are bad for people who need the money for emergencies or at night. Using bank cards however, one can be able to get money whatever time they want without having to rush to the banks and having doors closed on them. Since the ATMs are placed in different areas within a city or town, one can be able to get money wherever they are using the bank cards. If one uses some bank cards such as the Visa cards also given by banks, they can be able to get money in a hundred and fifty countries.

Prior to applying for bank cards people should make sure that they fit the required criteria that the bank has established for the issuing of bank cards. There are some basic requirements that are standard for all banks and others that are unique to particular banks. For one to get a bank card or several bank cards they should be citizens of that country or permanent residents. The person will also be required to give their Social Security number to the bank top be given the bank cards. A person’s age also determines whether they will be given a bank card. If one is eighteen years old or more they can get as many bank cards as they want. A minimum gross annual is another criterion that banks use to know the people they can give bank cards to.

One can have more than one bank cards for different accounts and also from different banks. Clients are however advised to be very careful with their bank cards lest another person steals or finds them and uses them for fraudulent transactions. In the event that a person’s bank cards are stolen or get lost they should immediately cancel it so that it is not used by any other person. Prior to canceling bank cards one should first check if there is any balance that should be paid. This will help to prevent the bank from charging them interest.

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